Enroll or Opt Up

If you are not already participating in the Penfield CCA program and would like to enroll, please complete the secure online form below. Be sure to use the name and address associated with the account. Your account will be enrolled on the next available meter read once the program has commenced. Alternatively, you may contact the program supplier, Constellation NewEnergy, directly at (833) 942-3023, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Please have your account information available when contacting. Please note, in New York State, a minimum of 15 calendar days prior to the meter reading date for your account is required in order for the electric utility to process an enrollment request. Monthly service cannot be prorated. Once service has begun, the program rate will be reflected on your following month’s electricity bill for the previous month’s service.

This number is located towards the center top of the opt-out reply card sent to you with the opt-out letter. If you do not have the card or number, you are advised to contact the supplier, Constellation NewEnergy, directly at (833) 942-3023.
Please complete this information exactly as it appears on your RG&E utility bill. Any errors may prevent timely enrollment in the program. You may also contact the supplier, Constellation NewEnergy, directly at (833) 942-3023 to enroll.
Renewable energy included in either product option is EDP eligible, meaning any electric power generator meeting the New York Environmental Disclosure Program (EDP) eligibility criteria of a New York renewable energy generating source which comply with the attribute delivery rules set forth in the New York Generation Attribute Tracking System (NYGATS) Operating Rules, supporting the EDP Program.