Program Highlights Internal

Program Highlights

Rates to Compare

The chart above shows the Penfield Community Choice Aggregation Program Rate compared to the Rochester Gas & Electric Price to Compare since the inception of the Program. The Program Rate has been 18% lower than the RGE Price to Compare through the current month. The Program also includes a minimum of 50% In-State Renewable energy substantially reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions as shown in the chart below. On average each resident has saved over $100 since the inception of the Program.

Greenhouse Gas Offsets each Month

The chart above shows the equivalent Greenhouse Gas emission reductions or offsets that have been created on a monthly basis since the inception of the Program; demonstrated in terms of how many passenger vehicle could be eliminated for one year of use or the equivalent # of home’s annual energy usage, or how many garbage trucks could be eliminated. Since the inception of the Program 5,388 passenger vehicles could have been removed from use for an entire year based on the amount of renewable energy the Program has purchased.

Penfield 50% Green

Penfield Green’s Impact
The addition of Penfield Green reduces the use of fossil fuels